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Jesuit Jargon Buster

Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ, features in our calendar for July marking the anniversary of the restoration of the Society of Jesus.

The Poet, The Man, The Jesuit
3 parishioners and a Jesuit priest walk part of the camino to raise money for JRS's work in Syria

Three Farm street parishioners and a Jesuit priest are walking the last 75 miles of the camino to raise money for the work of JRS in Syria

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A collage of the paintings commissioned for the 2014 calendar

The restoration of the Society of Jesus, explore our calendar, produced to mark the occasion.

Boys of St Ignatius College, Enfield teach in Dodoma, Tanzania

Ignatians in Tanzania! The First day of Teaching...

How did they get on?

Focus on..

  • A short Documentary about a local food bank and the dramatic effects and increase of poverty in the UK. The chaplaincy team started the only student led foodbank in the country. Featuring William Pearsall SJ assistant chaplain and Joey Ferringo the General Manager of the foodbank.


    Manchester Chaplaincy

Pause for prayer

  • Image of Jesus walking on water by Maria O'Laughlin

    Imaginative Contemplation: Jesus walks on water

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  • Introduction to the Examen

    Examen for Young Adults

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  • Reflection: Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ for the restoration

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  • Reflection: Anthony de Mello SJ for the restoration anniv.

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  • An audio retreat, living the Magnificat

    Living the Magnificat - an introduction

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  • Peace Dove

    Discerning a Vocation: My Peace I give you

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Our People

  • Dushan Croos SJ at Simon Bishop SJ final vows

    Dushan Croos SJ

    Became a Jesuit in 1995. Dushan has been chaplain to Wimbledon College and is now senior chaplain in the University of Oxford. He edits Jesuits and Friends.
  • Fr Bernard Darke SJ 1925-1979

    Bernard Darke SJ

    Bernard Darke was murdered in Guyana in 1979. He had spent 19 years as a teacher at St Stanislaus College and was an accomplished photographer.
  • Matthew Power SJ

    Matthew Power SJ

    Became a Jesuit in 1987. Matthew joined the Loyola Hall community to undertake the young adult apostolate and vocations promotion. He is now the superior of the community and is vocations director. He directs the Spiritual Exercises.